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About Subal

Subal was started in 1952, when ia 14 year old Arnold Stepanek riged up his very first underwater camera housing, made from rubber and glass, for his Kodak ‘Retinette’ camera. Since then Stepanek has gone on to build a brand of underwater camera housings and accessories sought after and used by many of the worl’ds leading underwater photographers, including Alexander Mustard and and are without doubt brilliantly constructed, durable and beautiful to look at. To read a testimonial by Alex Mustard, click here.

Subal Products  

Subal specialises in underwater camera housings and accessories for DSLR cameras, including the Nikon D70, D80, D200, D2H and D2hx, and the Canon EOS 300D, D60/D30, 10D, 20D, 30D, 5D, 1DS Mark 11, 1D Mark 11

The images below are of the ND20, which is custom built for the Nikon D200, and which feaures the following (all text from the offical Subal website.)


“With the SUBAL ND20 SUBAL offers an aluminium housing for the digital SLR-camera Nikon D200.

The camera is mounted on a saddle for precise positioning inside the housing. Ergonomic placement of all important controls provides convenient and comfortable handling of the camera functions. A 4 mm main-O-ring and the SUBAL QuickLock latching system make it virtually impossible to close the lid if the O-ring is not lying correctly in its groove.

Maximum security is assured. Threaded holes on the base and in the top shoe allows mounting of trays, aiming lights or other accessories. Generous shading of the LCD-monitor provides a bright and clear image. The housing incorporates an excellent viewfinder optic for full frame viewing. Optionally the housing can be assembled with the new magnifying Viewfinder Optic GS 180.

As with all our products choice of materials, machining, surface protection and finish conform with SUBAL’s well known standards of reliability and workmanship.

All SUBAL ports with bayonet mount are fitting this housing.”