Filling Station

The Dive Action Filling Station has everything you need to keep you safe and happy underwater. From air, Nitrox and Oxygen fills to visuals, hydros and chemical cleans, our advanced filling station caters for all your cylinder needs.

Cylinder Services:
- Chemical Cleans
- Hydro’s, Visuals and EDDY tests (Visual Plus)
- 02 cleaning - cylinders and valves
- Sandblasting & respraying
- Correct labeling of cylinders
- Cylinder Conversions
- Fills - Air, Nitrox & Trimix
- 02 fills

Further services include:
Air Purity tests
Compressor servicing (Brand & Model dependent)
Commercial Filling of Banks
Sale of Compressor oil
Sale of Compressor parts & filters
Sale of Cylinder accessories
Pillar Valve Services