Filling Station

The Dive Action Filling Station offers a complete range of cylinder services. From Air, Nitrox and Oxygen fills to visuals, hydros and chemical cleans, our advanced filling station caters for all your cylinder requirements.

Cylinder Services:

  • Chemical Cleans
  • Hydro’s, Visuals and EDDY tests (Visual Plus)
  • O2 cleaning - cylinders and valves
  • Sandblasting & respraying
  • Correct labelling of cylinders
  • Cylinder Conversions
  • Fills - Air, Nitrox & Trimix
  • O2 fills

Further services include:

  • Air Purity tests
  • Compressor servicing (Brand & Model dependent)
  • Commercial Filling of Banks
  • Sale of Compressor oil
  • Sale of Compressor parts & filters
  • Sale of Cylinder accessories
  • Pillar Valve Services