Want to be better than basic!?
Do our Advanced Course!

Why do it?

The aim of this course is to assist you in becoming a good diver and to increase your diving enjoyment and skills. You dive in a variety of different diving environments and this broadens your experience and widens your diving knowledge and ability. Often dive resorts and many boat charter companies insist on a minimum of an advanced qualification in order to do many of their dives. This course is aimed at increasing your confidence and ability in the water and introduces you to the more advanced and specialty courses available.

What do you do?
A total of 5 dives are completed from the shore and off the boat. The two core dives are a navigation dive and a deep dive. There is a choice for the balance of the dives, for example:
• Underwater naturalist
• Wreck diving
• Boat diving
• Underwater photography
• Peak performance buoyancy….. and MUCH MUCH more!!

Duration and Cost:
The course takes 2-3 days to complete and is run over weekends. However shore dives can be scheduled during the week if chosen and the boat dives are scheduled normally at the weekend. The cost of the course starts from R4695.00 per diver.
This includes your Advanced open water crew pack, your PIC, all gear hire, and your boat and shore dives.