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DAN Southern Africa: Q | Tips for maintenance and why an underwater photographer should service their camera housing?

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If a camera housing is serviced regularly (approximately every 18 months to 2 years depending upon use) it will last longer. Sometimes photographers do not rinse the housing adequately and this will allow (and encourage) corrosion. Soaking the housing in a clean tub of warm fresh water and pressing all the buttons helps to keep the buttons and levers working. You can inspect for wear and tear and if there are any signs of this or corrosion, it can be treated before it becomes critical. O rings can and will perish over time and use (even if they are not used) and a service will ensure that these are all changed. A service on a NA housing includes the change of all the O rings, circlips, and springs. This eliminates any serious wear and tear on parts, effectively stopping a breakdown on a holiday or during a film shoot.
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