Our Diving in Cape Town Team


Meet the team

Our Dive Action team is friendly and ready to assist you with all your diving enquiries. Each of the services we offer is led by an experienced and well qualified member of staff. Most of us are diving instructors and all marine enthusiasts. We are all passionate about what we do!

Over 20 Years with Padi

Barry is well reputed in the diving industry and an active technical diver. He has trained many students and has a vast number of dives logged. If not in the water, he is probably hiking or climbing a big mountain (see the 7 Summits!) Qualifications include Tech Instructor Trainer (IANTD) and Commercial Boat Skipper. Barry plays a key role in advising underwater photographers on their equipment needs. He is an expert in the field of Marine Electronics and brings prestige to our Service Centre. His favourite dive site is Truk Lagoon in the Central Pacific, but he can often be found in the deeper waters around our coast.


Barry Bey-Leveld

Barry is a highly regarded figure in the diving industry, known for his expertise as an active technical diver. With a substantial number of trained students and a vast log of dives, his reputation precedes him. When he's not exploring underwater realms, Barry can often be found pursuing his passion for hiking or scaling towering peaks, including those of the renowned 7 Summits. His qualifications include Tech Instructor Trainer (IANTD) and Commercial Boat Skipper, reflecting his commitment to excellence and safety in diving practices. Barry also plays a pivotal role in advising underwater photographers on their equipment needs, drawing upon his extensive knowledge in Marine Electronics. His contributions bring immense value to our Service Centre, adding prestige to our operations. While Barry's favorite dive site is Truk Lagoon in the Central Pacific, his adventurous spirit often leads him to explore the deeper waters along our coastlines. He is also the owner of Marinesolutions.co.za. A leader in underwater ROV sales and rentals.


Sarah T. Carter

Sarah is a highly esteemed figure in the diving industry, recognized and respected for her extensive experience and expertise. With numerous years dedicated to training, diving, and instructing, she boasts a wealth of knowledge accumulated over thousands of dives. Currently serving as a lifeguard alongside her son at Big Bay, Sarah's love for water sports is evident in her pursuits outside of diving. Her qualifications include being a PADI Instructor, an IANTD Tech Instructor, and holding the title of Commercial Boat Skipper. Among her favorite dive sites is the Lusitania at Bellows Rock off Cape Point, reflecting her appreciation for the diverse and captivating underwater landscapes.


Maryka Pace

"Jill of all trades, master of none, but often times better than a master of one." – Maryka Pace Despite dedicating her time at work to crucial administrative tasks that keep the Dive Action machine running smoothly, Maryka is far from just an administrator. She holds certifications as a PADI Open Water diver and in first aid, showcasing her commitment to diving beyond the desk. Maryka's true passion lies in assisting underwater photographers with their housing needs, an area in which she excels. Her expertise in this field is evident in her published contributions to the quarterly DAN Southern Africa Magazine, where she shares valuable insights into the world of underwater photography, enriching the knowledge of aspiring photographers.



We all understand the importance of having a reliable health cylinder and quality Dive Action Air/Nitrox when diving, and Joe is the person who ensures we have just that. Joe's passion lies in Nitrox blending, where he thrives on the mathematical calculations involved in reducing Nitrogen from the air. Additionally, he takes care of all cylinder servicing. Despite dedicating much of his time to ensuring others have the air they need underwater, Joe doesn't miss out on diving himself when the opportunity arises. He holds a PADI Open Water certification, with his PADI Advanced certification almost complete, and is a Certified Compressor Operator.



Dusty's favorite part of his job is servicing first stages, adjusting regulator sets, and ensuring they are properly adjusted. While he dedicates his weekdays to gear maintenance, he never skips a boat dive on weekends. Diving has evolved into Dusty's primary passion, supported by his PADI Advanced and Nitrox Certifications. With his sights set on achieving Dive Master qualification, Dusty eagerly absorbs knowledge from fellow divers, instructors, and skippers. His preferred dive sites include Starwalls and The SS Maori Wreck off Hout Bay, demonstrating his enthusiasm for diving even in cold waters.



Favorite part of the job: Engaging with divers in the shop or on the boat, sharing diving experiences, and adding them to her personal bucket list. Passionately discussing courses to enhance divers’ knowledge and providing access to stunning dive sites, particularly wrecks. Diving Qualifications: PADI OWSI and EFRI Instructor Favorite Dive Site: Any location accessible by boat, with a preference for exploring wrecks or encountering sharks.

PADI Scuba and Freediving instructor


Tristan is now a PADI Scuba and Freediving instructor. Tristan's favorite aspect of his job is assisting Barry in servicing the Nauticam housings. He finds the uniqueness of each housing's design and technical aspects intriguing. While Tristan is dedicated to advancing his servicing skills, he also holds roles as a Scuba Diving Instructor and Skipper. During weekends, he can usually be found on our boat dives, where he is happiest, often vying for the opportunity to pilot our beautiful Aqualibrium. In his free time, Tristan enjoys ocean activities such as fishing, spearfishing, or freediving with friends.



Meet Matt, the undisputed king of onboard entertainment! With a wit sharper than a dive knife, he's been our trusty skipper since Dive Action set sail. Matt's diving expertise isn't just from the captain's chair; he's dived deeper into the ocean of knowledge, also donning the hats of a diver, NSRI hero, and service technician extraordinaire. Need advice on anything diving-related? Matt's your guy! Just don't be surprised if his answers come with a side of laughter and a splash of humor!



Ethan is the heart and soul of the ocean aboard our vessel. Need a lift after a chilly dive? No worries! Ethan will scoop you up like a prized catch and bring you aboard with warmth and strength. With a childhood spent fishing and exploring the ocean, Ethan's affinity for the sea runs deep. He's more at home on a boat than on solid ground, embodying the true spirit of a seafaring adventurer and one with a big heart.